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Teen Time

We have a time of worship and hang out every other Sunday night. Sometimes it will be at the church building, and sometimes it will be held and someone's home. Dinner is usually provided. We start at 5:00 and run to 7:00 during the school year. Summer time we end at 8:00.


Area Wides

Every month during the school year we have an area wide. It's held by different churches each time.  There is always some kind of food. The activities are varied between games, hiking, escape rooms etc. We end with a time of singing and a devotional message. Old friends are seen and new friends are made. 


Special Events

We have special one off events every month. Whether its a Christmas party in December.  A special game or movie night, a hike or a winter retreat. We always have something going on. Check the monthly newsletter/calendar on the upcoming events page for more details



Every month we have different events and activities taking place. Some are big fun events for our youth to bring their friends to. Some are more intimate and designed to help the core of the group become stronger. Some are service oriented and some are designed to help our understanding of Jesus. Find something that interests you and we look forward to seeing you there. 


Service Projects

We believe in having fun in our youth group but we also know that we need to be the hands and feet of Jesus. Throughout the year we will have different opportunities to serve. Whether its raking leaves in the fall, serving Thanksgiving dinner to the elderly, or doing yard work in the summer, we always have something in the works. If you know of a service opportunity please let us know so we can add it to our calendar.


Sunday School

We have a small group of about 15 to 18 that meet on Sunday mornings at 9:00. This is usually a deeper time of study. We ask a lot of questions and spend time digging deep into the scriptures.


Wednesday Nights

Wednesday nights are the big nights here in the SYG. Make sure you get here early to get a good seat. At 6:00 we begin in the auditorium with a short 15 minute worship time. From there we head to class. Subjects range from everyday object lessons to deeper lessons talking about the various world religions and how we can know that the Bible is right. 

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